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(No Running head needed per 7th edition for student papers)

All pages must have a page number as on the template.

Title of Paper

Student Name

Chamberlain University: Nurse Practitioner Track

NR00NP Foundational Concepts and Advanced Practice Roles


Date (e.g. July 1, 2021)

Do not change font size. Font size stays the same throughout the APA paper

Double space only throughout the entire APA paper, including references

Visit the writing center for help with your paper. Can locate in course resources as well:

Title of Paper

(Centered and Bolded – should be the same as title on page 1 – title page)

Provide an introduction to your topic and a purpose statement. Generally, an introduction paragraph is short; around 1-2 paragraphs. Do not label the para using “Introduction” as the heading; the paper title at the top of the first page acts as a Level 1 heading. Your introduction should provide a BRIEF overview of what you will cover in this paper, which is a general statement on advanced practice roles, a general statement on the role transition from RN to APN, a general statement about your rationale for choosing the CNP role, and a general statement about your plans for clinical practice and role transition. The introduction paragraph is meant to capture the reader’s attention by introducing the topic but not provide a lot of detail about the topic. Include a purpose statement, which describes the purpose of the paper and summarizes the topics that will be discussed and the goal of the paper. It tells the reader what to expect in the paper and what the focus will be. Your purpose statement should be 1 sentence.

Four APN Roles

(Level 1 Heading: Centered, Bold, Title Case Heading)

Discuss in detail the four APN roles (CNP, CNS, CRNA & CNM). Use at least one scholarly source and include an intext citation for that source. Paraphrase the content you are using from your resource and cite correctly. Include a description, the education preparedness and work environment of each role.

CNP (Level 2 heading: Flush left, Bold, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading, no other punctuation)

Start paragraph under heading and indented. Description, educational preparedness, and work environment

CNS (Level 2 heading: Flush left, Bold, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading)

CRNA (Level 2 heading: Flush left, Bold, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading)

The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student an opportunity to explore the roles and competencies of the advanced practice nurse (APN). 

Activity Learning Outcomes 

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to: 

1. Examine roles and competencies of advanced practice nurses essential to performing as leaders and advocates of holistic, safe, and quality care. (CO1) 

2. Explore the process of scholarship engagement to improve health and healthcare outcomes in various settings. (CO4) 

Due Date

Assignment should be submitted to the Week 2 Roles in Advanced Practice Nursing dropbox by Sunday 11:59 p.m. MST at the end of Week 2. When the assignment is placed in the dropbox, it will automatically be submitted to Turnitin. You may submit the assignment one additional time before the due date to lower the Turnitin score. If you choose to resubmit, the second submission will be considered final and subject to grading.  Once the due date for the assignment passes, you may not resubmit to lower a Turnitin score. 

This assignment will follow the late assignment policy specified in the course syllabus. 

Students are expected to submit assignments by the time they are due. Assignments submitted after the due date and time will receive a deduction of 10% of the total points possible for that assignment for each day the assignment is late. Assignments will be accepted, with penalty as described, up to a maximum of three days late, after which point a zero will be recorded for the assignment. 

In the event of a situation that prevents timely submission of an assignment, students may petition their instructor for a waiver of the late submission grade reduction. The instructor will review the student’s rationale for the request and make a determination based on the merits of the student’s appeal. Consideration of the student’s total course performance to date will be a contributing factor in the determination. Students should continue to attend class, actively participate, and complete other assignments while the appeal is pending. 

Total Points Possible:  150 


1. A Week 2 Paper Template (Links to an external site.) to be used for your assignment is required for this assignment. 

2. The Roles in Advanced Nursing Practice paper is worth 150 points and will be graded on the quality of the content, use of citations, use of Standard English grammar, sentence structure, and overall organization based on the required components as summarized in the directions and grading criteria/rubric. 

3. Submit the paper as a Microsoft Word Document, which is the required format at Chamberlain University. You are encouraged to use